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safe2197312 edit174843 edited screencap91757 screencap297690 applejack202370 fluttershy261128 pinkie pie258327 rainbow dash282831 rarity219463 spike93012 twilight sparkle361037 dragon87013 earth pony514628 pegasus507278 pony1627761 unicorn549459 g42053233 ponyville confidential1222 season 25062 age difference4730 all new847 aqua teen hunger force321 butt235789 caption26291 female1828643 grin63974 hub logo10462 image macro40325 implied applespike46 implied flutterspike36 implied pinkiespike29 implied rainbowspike26 implied shipping7327 implied sparity529 implied straight6605 implied twispike136 logo7249 lucky bastard2121 male559319 mane seven7946 mane six37854 manespike47 mare757872 open mouth242589 open smile33314 plot147169 roflbot392 ship:applespike928 ship:flutterspike721 ship:pinkiespike550 ship:rainbowspike626 ship:sparity8261 ship:twispike2083 shipping257461 smiling405729 spike gets all the mane six65 spike gets all the mares915 straight181743 text91287 the hub3207 tonight you113 wall of tags6881 wingboner9710


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Background Pony #9AF7
hours later we see a content spike and a koed mane six  
Spike: heh Whose puny now

that night: the overly depraved mares used him until his dick started bleeding….. then they stopped, said “fuck it”, and kept going.
guys, dildos were invented for a fucking reason. bad dragon is my #1 choice.