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source needed (11319)suggestive (114735)artist:the weaver (1730)color edit (6266)edit (101147)discord (26965)fluttershy (185857)princess celestia (84343)alicorn (167077)draconequus (6467)earth pony (153371)pony (711729)the return of harmony (1353)alternate scenario (276)aren't you going to ravish me? (23)awkward (819)bedroom eyes (45001)blushing (156027)chest (450)colored (15437)comic (90850)dialogue (51356)discoshy (2348)dubs (99)elements of harmony (2241)english (770)face down ass up (6238)female (773570)floppy ears (41785)fluttertroll (21)frown (19795)good end (476)hedge maze (66)hilarious in hindsight (2896)implying (257)male (262463)mare (343762)one-shot comic (3)open mouth (105903)outdoors (5905)repdigit milestone (44)seductive (1268)shipping (166504)sluttershy (1011)smiling (185998)straight (110732)stupid sexy fluttershy (628)surrender (33)trio (6116)trolling (416)weaver you magnificent bastard (116)wide eyes (14587)

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