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source needed13708 suggestive132689 artist:the weaver1740 color edit7308 edit123112 discord29493 fluttershy203063 princess celestia91198 alicorn206194 draconequus9884 earth pony216142 pony884046 the return of harmony1529 alternate scenario325 aren't you going to ravish me?22 awkward935 bedroom eyes54847 blushing182648 chest555 colored18288 comic103361 dialogue61008 discoshy2600 dubs94 elements of harmony2372 english889 face down ass up7555 female1286574 floppy ears47850 fluttertroll25 frown21839 good end538 hedge maze69 hilarious in hindsight3079 implying261 male344008 mare439681 one-shot comic3 open mouth129952 outdoors8533 repdigit milestone42 seductive1895 shipping188405 sluttershy1043 smiling224637 straight127887 stupid sexy fluttershy984 surrender37 trio7735 trolling441 weaver you magnificent bastard116 wide eyes16359


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Background Pony #75CE
Discord's one true weakness, it's Fluttershy all along, his bride-to-be.
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Background Pony #B850
I feel like this first ever discoshy art might become their canon foreplay.