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safe1945484 artist:niban-destikim451 crafty crate116 rarity201174 equestria girls230756 rarity takes manehattan1517 angry32193 car7135 equestria girls-ified11769 fabulous646 frown28006 glare8661 manehattan1144 open mouth193023 simpsons did it483 the simpsons1995 truck900 wheel boot3 wheel clamp3 yelling3737


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Barry Tone
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Artist -

Needs to know Hebrew.
*simpsons. “Simpson’s” would be like “Simpson’s (missing word) did it” or “Simpson is did it”.
Suggestion: Learn hyphens. Yes I see this is a two year old comment, still - you may know about hyphens now and I have to say this…
Background Pony #F65B
The city can only boot your car if it’s parked on a public road. if you keep your vehicle in enclosed private property, the city can’t boot it.Of Course, if you ever drive anywhere, you need to make sure you park somewhere where city workers can’t make out your plates or have no jurisdiction
Background Pony #39B2
“New Yoke City was amazing! Dad, can we come back again, sometime?”
“We’ll see, sweetie… we’ll see ~~eyetwitch ~~“

LOL I remember that Simpsons episode! I laughed so hard, those were the days…  
The only thing that came to mind when I saw this was “well that’s ‘lady-like’ if I’ve ever seen it!”
Background Pony #20B5
Sweetie Belle: What a magical city.  
Can we come back next year, sister?  
Rarity: We’ll see, darling.  
We’ll see.

How the hell do you plan on doing that when the wheel nuts are clearly covered and inaccessible?
If it was that simple to get your car unbooted it would defeat the purpose of someone booting your car.