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safe2197403 artist:ambris1484 rainbow dash282842 twilight sparkle361046 alicorn319374 pegasus507310 pony1627849 g42053289 :o6744 animated127507 bedroom eyes83378 blushing279082 book44237 cheek kiss3210 cute269100 eyes closed141124 female1828758 frame by frame4746 glomp524 heart78509 kissing33057 lesbian119091 mare757943 open mouth242612 pounce406 reading8226 ship:twidash5899 shipping257466 simple background609019 smiling405768 smirk18399 spread wings97358 surprise kiss1190 surprised12975 sweet dreams fuel2083 tackle204 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150761 white background166432 wingboner9710 wings229556


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Background Pony #B384
I want a humanised version.
With them wearing the same clothes as in this gif.