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suggestive192497 artist:rwl320 fluttershy261096 twilight sparkle360987 alicorn319270 pegasus507156 pony1627437 g42052898 aftercare141 bdsm11091 bedroom eyes83350 blushing278986 bondage47115 butt kiss117 cute269051 eyes closed141080 female1828285 happy bondage926 heart78482 kissing33049 lesbian119066 looking back88278 mare757653 masochism382 masochist87 masochistshy37 open mouth242506 paddle977 pictogram2331 question mark6899 raised hoof71419 raised tail25592 ship:twishy1584 shipping257413 smiling405596 spanked540 speech bubble40837 spread wings97301 spreader bar2849 tongue out149639 twidom1274 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150737 wingboner9709


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Wait, so Fluttershy has a fetish of ‘kissing a place that hurts on her to make it feel better’?
…I could see that.