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A quick announcement from Rupert: 🚩🚩🚩
Well… expanding on my last update, I hate to be a “Debbie Downer”, but… while I am grateful for this generosity keeping the Drive alive, this feels a bit… bittersweet. I’ll explain more in a future update.

Milestone #11 Tallies:
GOLD - 5055 lbs.
WHITE - 3180 lbs.
BLUE - 1350 lbs.
COMBINED - 9585 lbs.

Friendship Notes: WOWZERS!! I don’t know how the supporters of Gilda’s team all over Equestria did it, but it looks like this brown blob before us has this thing locked down for her eventual victory, and we still have a few Milestones to go, if possible. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Teams White and Blue, especially Team blue…. Unless something happens, they’re “technically” out of the competition. And what’s that? Where’s Spike and Rainbow? Oh, don’t worry about them. For now. Now… to focus on concentrating my magic on my body…!
Rupert here: I guess it’s KIND OF safe to declare that… we are only a few usd dollars away from throwing Ms. Glimmer’s BIG FAT PINK UNICORN BUTT up in the mix! HOWEVER… why stop there…? Hmmmmmmm…?

3 TEAMS at play: GOLD(Gilda) - WHITE(Gabby) - BLUE(Gallus)
Donate to my Ko-Fi here:
OR, to my PayPal(dot)me here:
1 LIKE = 5lbs+
1 RT/Repost = 10lbs+
$3 = 15lbs+
$15 = 100lbs+
2nd Place Team = bloat 30 lbs for every $3 , 100 lbs for every $12
3rd Place Team = bloat 45 lbs for every $3 , 100 lbs for every $9
(be sure to include the team name that you want BLORP’d as you donate or like)

$1000usd collective = Starlight Glimmer joins the party. - {{ WE ARE SO CLOSE! COME ON!! }}
$2000usd collective = Twilight Sparkle joins the party.

suggestive192592 artist:rupert379 gabby3216 gallus9174 gilda11459 smolder11468 dragon87045 griffon37235 series:catbird 3's colossal squish program18 g42053717 "flab"y74 belly46016 belly squish80 big belly20166 blob2760 blushing279164 butt235879 butt slam2 butt squish280 butt touch8288 comic136848 dialogue95502 emanata3237 eyes closed141159 fat29295 fat fetish3314 fat tail214 featureless crotch9757 female1829259 fetish58104 flabbus73 gabbooty122 gallass201 gildough259 hand on butt4377 happy45285 heart78536 huge belly8745 huge butt16991 hyper16106 hyper obese359 immobile4177 impossibly large belly14960 impossibly large butt10504 impossibly large everything1401 impossibly obese1490 incentive drive491 large butt34626 lidded eyes49382 looking back88349 looking up24546 male559521 milestone1060 mismatched eyes311 morbidly obese10612 obese15617 offscreen character53419 one eye closed46616 onomatopoeia8519 pale belly3330 plot147224 puffy cheeks5212 rolls of fat2883 shrunken pupils5525 smiling405923 squished383 squishy3617 squishy butt121 sweat41472 sweatdrop6990 tail106864 tail fat6 wavy mouth5641 weight gain5744 weight gain sequence1729 wiggle509 worried5732


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