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yeahhh I was always kinda iffy with their designs, but I don’t have them :> ima explain my reasoning for the colors
Smolder: I wanted her to look more like her brother, Garble. I didn’t really like the orange-purple combo that looks a lot like Scootaloo, so I added in a lot more red. Also a tiny bit of pink for a more unique look.
Gallus: I never liked the color blue/yellow he was, so I just tweaked it. Not much else to say.
Ocellus: Her blue-pink colors seemed really boring, so I tried to add more color to her. I took inspiration from Thorax as well, with his green-orange color scheme. I think her colors are more like a flower now :>
Sandbar: Didn’t change much, just made him a bit more sand-yellow and his mane more blue. Beach dude vibe, so I made his hair longer too.
Silverstream: I actually gave her silver in her design, as her shiny feather hair. I struggled with her coat color, but I ended up going blue to match the “stream” in her name, like a water stream.
Yona: I never really thought her colors seemed “yak” enough, so I just made her more warm toned with gold accessories.

safe2187448 artist:primrosepaper118 gallus9117 ocellus6832 sandbar6842 silverstream7718 smolder11382 yona6436 changedling11577 changeling66385 classical hippogriff6438 dragon86258 earth pony510029 griffon36930 hippogriff13633 pony1616768 yak6271 g42043682 alternate color palette931 alternate design6280 alternate hairstyle38347 blaze (coat marking)3946 bow45171 coat markings14001 colored wings14891 facial markings6475 female1817254 flying55652 gradient wings1857 hair bow25933 jewelry114772 male555401 monkey swings1658 necklace32813 open mouth240358 open smile32332 simple background603531 smiling401977 socks (coat markings)8382 student six2093 tongue out148503 transparent background286819 transparent mane231 wings226465


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I’ll leave this as a seperate comment, but i wanted to give praise to the other designs.
I like Gallus’ because its less vibrant and is much more pleasant to look at
Yona looks more Yak, especially with her bangs almost covering her eyes.
Smolder is perhaps the most changed, but it makes sense for her to look more like her brother. Overall, i do like this design over the OG. If it was just a color swap, then i’d prefer the Orange, but the Red looks really nice with the redesign
Sandbar now looks more Surfer and less Stoner. Although his Cutie Mark is on his thigh. besides that, he’s great
Im gonna add an edit to my last comment because i forgot to say something about Occelus

For the most part, i think these are great, though i do prefer Occelus’ OG color scheme, mostly because it meshed really well with Smolders, and that it seemed more… Royal. Though i suppose thats more down to perspective/headcanon, since i believe the writers wanted her to have a more integral role in the Changeling Hive, perhaps be the next Queen, since thay lost their other one.
The only design here that i don’t like is Silverstreams, her hair being entirely Silver doesn’t look that great in contrast to her blue coat In my opinion. I think it’d be more fitting if it was a silver highlight instead - a Silver Stream if you will.
Edit: Not a fan of Occelus’ Membrane “Hairstyle”. Unfortunately i can’t give more constructive criticism about it. Just not a fan, looks too much like “1960 American Suburban Housewive”