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safe2196505 artist:yanyannonoz39 applejack202316 pear butter3919 earth pony514251 pony1626920 g42052439 :t4470 ><693 apple21501 applejack's hat14979 bag9881 big ears2367 big eyes2378 blonde mane1072 blonde tail517 blush scribble330 blushing278851 bush4706 butt235660 chibi18631 colored eyelashes1617 cowboy hat26426 cream coat75 cute268955 duo178196 duo female33574 emanata3212 eyes closed141028 female1827704 filly99098 filly applejack808 flower40331 flower in hair12912 foal46149 food102928 freckles45094 green eyes10274 hat126326 hoof out5 jackabetes8035 lasso1539 leaves3582 leaves in hair147 lidded eyes49302 looking at you264468 lying down48834 mare757293 mouth hold24025 multeity3073 one eye closed46572 open mouth242373 open smile33210 orange coat840 orange mane593 orange tail196 pearabetes428 plot147074 ponytail27888 profile8506 prone35861 raised hoof71385 raised hooves685 rear view23072 rope16138 saddle bag8350 shiny mane877 shiny tail257 simple background608541 sitting94205 smiling405365 smiling at you26916 tail106495 tied mane394 tied tail293 two toned mane6407 two toned tail3257 wall of tags6873 white background166298 wingding eyes41655 wink33393 winking at you3507 younger23181


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