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safe2174887 artist:riouku640 apple bloom60047 gabby3186 princess cadance40060 princess ember8661 princess flurry heart9556 rarity217582 scootaloo58777 smolder11311 spike92416 sweetie belle56758 alicorn314270 dragon85446 griffon36729 unicorn538190 g42029394 2d1316 apple21233 arrow2967 bow (weapon)1745 bow and arrow1092 camera5205 commissioner:vatobot173 cupid289 cutie mark crusaders22385 dragoness14177 female1803279 food101333 gemstones414 grass15359 grass field1466 hearts and hooves day2912 holiday35245 horn190762 jam271 like mother like daughter476 like parent like child607 male550938 mother and child6099 mother and daughter8403 outdoors21697 princess of love190 princess of shipping142 proud607 running8111 running away437 scared14271 ship:emberspike728 ship:scootaspike264 ship:spabby224 ship:sparity8187 ship:spikebelle896 ship:spikebloom527 ship:spolder562 shipping254228 spike gets all the dragons64 spike gets all the mares868 spike is not amused288 straight179178 this will end in snu snu759 uh oh462 unamused24037 valentine's day5262 weapon41252 winged spike10132 wings223140 zap apple509 zap apple jam122


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Cadance I know you are Proud of her but you really need to teach her to control her self and how do it, plus she too young to do right now.. I know she want be like you but she need to learn first
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Flutters Hitchy Glimglam
Guys, we might as well put literally every single character here. Thorax is missing despite them having such close relationship. Some people ship Shining Armor with Spike too. The rest of the Mane Six have at least one art shipped with Spike. There are also Discord and Big Mac and Celestia had one comic issue dedicated to her and Spike. Cadance is not the princess of love. Spike is the God of love. :V