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safe2173094 artist:iheyyasyfox335 applejack200343 fluttershy258451 pinkie pie255693 rainbow dash279753 rarity217448 spike92366 starlight glimmer59953 twilight sparkle357525 alicorn313867 dragon85349 earth pony445779 pegasus495988 pony1601267 unicorn537403 g42027386 the last problem8061 absurd file size3384 absurd resolution67443 alternate design5973 bandana7241 chest fluff65440 clothes633915 coronation dress975 crown29884 dress61952 female1801403 jewelry112897 male550289 mane seven7873 mane six37591 mare740278 regalia36391 scene interpretation10884 second coronation dress337 smiling397024 starry eyes5789 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149047 wingding eyes40222 winged spike10124 wings222677


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