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suggestive168006 artist:wolfjedisamuel220 wild fire922 oc811639 oc:mandopony325 bedroom eyes70128 duo101135 female1557557 friends with benefits140 friendship is benefits1 implied friends with benefits4 male442907 mandofire129 necktie8718 parody16460 poster6181 shipping225062 straight155392 text72932


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@Background Pony #587F & @Poptard I’m afraid to tell you that your comments has aged poorly.
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The Tastiest
I wonder if they ever cruise Derpibooru together, laughing at all the ship art of them.  
And there’s the one time that they re-enacted a ship comic between them.
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My favorite part has to be when Mando promises that he’ll take care of Sibsy’s car and as he drives off, he forgets his cup of coffee on the roof. SPLASH.
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Guys stop shipping Mando and Sibsy
and start shipping Peter New and Lee Tockar.