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suggestive188337 artist:pia-sama1974 rainbow dash276836 rarity215515 spike91640 anthro353732 comic:lustful diamond194 comic:showgirls5 g42003924 adult3382 adult spike1498 ass80624 belly button108017 black panties771 black underwear4568 bra21418 breasts384193 busty rarity17365 butt225958 cleavage45870 clothes623794 duo focus2355 garter877 hand on hip13055 maid7872 older38591 older spike8867 panties62804 rainbutt dash6334 reasonably sized breasts3996 sideboob13846 underass3277 underwear77598


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Background Pony #993F
Can’t wait for this one. I’d love to believe this will take place during the two week ban on Spike’s clothing Rarity gave him a couple comics ago, but it probably isn’t. Gonna be hot either way!

Finally!!! Rainbow Dash seems to be put in her place–and I am aware this is a Lustful Diamond work, so I am really interested in what scenarios is going to occur that puts Spike, Dash and Rarity in the same area–particularly sinc2 we assume Dash and Spike hate each other. (why do i believe its more likely that Pinkie, not Rarity surprisingly, has a minor hand in it?)