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safe2172055 artist:anotherdeadrat117 applejack200236 fluttershy258319 pinkie pie255504 queen chrysalis42141 rainbow dash279584 rarity217329 shining armor28052 spike92334 twilight sparkle357345 bird13721 changeling65851 changeling queen23856 dragon85297 earth pony445308 pegasus495527 pony1600234 unicorn536943 a canterlot wedding3668 g42026862 disguise7247 disguised changeling3815 evil grin6443 eyeshadow29962 fangs40006 female1800168 fire15851 frown36089 green fire429 grin62891 heart76187 high res407683 implied mind control45 implied princess cadance440 looming100 makeup40222 male549928 mane seven7867 mane six37559 mare739408 mask10118 smiling396680 smirk18128 stallion195279 unicorn twilight33087


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Background Pony #A72C
@Background Pony #316B
except twilight was just as much at fault as the rest because she instead of calmly explaining things immediately accused someone with no evidence and it wasn’t like the girls weren’t trying to listen to her considering applejack and shy tried to ask so no everyone was at fault including her.
Background Pony #316B
this would have never happen, if twilight’s would have listen to her in the first place