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safe2155015 artist:itssim140 pipp petals20487 zipp storm16497 pegasus488218 pony1582989 g573329 adorapipp3144 chest fluff63955 colored eyebrows1191 colored wings13703 cute263307 duo164647 duo female29647 eyebrows23401 eyes closed137130 female1781845 fluffy19265 flying54266 leg fluff4802 mare728697 missing cutie mark6415 multicolored wings5348 royal sisters (g5)2892 shower4605 siblings21228 sisters17596 sitting90791 smiling390150 spread wings92038 unshorn fetlocks45205 wet11481 wet hair1073 wet mane6361 wings217188


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Background Pony #2F24
I get that, but I’m talking about artist intention. Given how this artist has drawn at least another picture where Pipp and Zipp are depicted in a more shippy way, with blushes and all, and now with this particular caption in another, I think it’s probably a sign that this is supposed to be shipping.
Background Pony #2F24
I think it simply means that the artist ships them. They wouldn’t have chosen that word otherwise.
Background Pony #A7A6
The Royal Bloodline must remain pure. And with magic returning, anything is possible.
The courtship could be between them as sisters. Or maybe they’re both brides-to-be for the same stallion.

Exodus's lost flock
Does the ‘courtship’ in question imply sister-wives, that Zipp is bathing her sister to make her presentable for a suitor or is it a mindcanon AU where they aren’t sisters and are lovers?
This image is an adorable bit of sibling affection, but i’m getting caught up on the ‘caption’ there.