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Tried a basic AI, fixed some weirdness and added their butt tattoos…

safe2153703 ai content16693 ai generated15578 artist:i-shooped-a-pwny29 editor:i-shooped-a-pwny204 generator:bing image creator545 prompter:i-shooped-a-pwny1 applejack198734 rainbow dash277230 earth pony437646 pegasus487739 pony1581628 g42006732 apple20975 bottom heavy1182 chubby17061 cloud42550 cute263140 dashabetes12096 duo164219 eyes closed136952 female1780445 food99921 hug37179 jackabetes7871 mare727786 open mouth232898 open smile29328 rainbow6566 smiling389595 spread wings91848 wings216752


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