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February 26, 2023 at 9:02:26 PM UTC
family 🥺

safe2200767 artist:applesartt80 applejack202663 bow hothoof1446 windy whistles2975 earth pony516007 pegasus508802 pony1631180 g42056884 applejack's hat15065 belly46130 clothes646116 colored eyebrows1773 cowboy hat26556 crying56285 eyebrows26011 eyebrows visible through hair12711 eyes closed141446 female1832638 flying56201 freckles45308 grin64109 hat126767 hug38219 implied appledash374 implied lesbian4851 implied shipping7357 in-laws9 male560713 mare760303 open mouth243327 open smile33628 rainbow dash's parents387 signature45772 sitting94541 smiling406981 spread wings97727 stallion200332 trio27556 unshorn fetlocks48772 wings230442


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Background Pony #3D72
Her father doesn’t win. His signature gene trait has been wiped from history
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Background Pony #BEC7
Everyone wins:
AJ gets to have parents once more
Windy and Bow got almost another daugther
Dash marries an awesome farmgirl
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