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We need to bring back songs like this, where you have major pop stars coming together to sing about friendship and how much they’ll be there for each other. These types of songs need a comeback, for real.
Anyways, here’s my submission for the 13th anniversary of FIM and 40th anniversary of the MLP franchise, characters from all 5 G’s (heh) singing the 80’s semi-classic “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick & Friends. I made Megan look too wide and I hate how Sunny turned out, I wish I could’ve redone her without messing up the entire piece but oh well, we learn from our mistakes. Oh and I apologize for any mistakes about the previous generations in this image since I haven’t watched them. Either way, happy anniversary to one of the longest running toy commercials ever!
Art by me
Characters belong to Hasbro

safe2175074 artist:mr.myoozik94 derpibooru exclusive40477 ivy157 megan williams1193 pinkie pie (g3)1313 sunny starscout21520 twilight sparkle357899 alicorn314332 earth pony446629 human245639 pony1603237 mlp fim's thirteenth anniversary342 g121356 g21205 g310398 g42030000 g575549 bipedal49529 blonde hair1344 clothes634824 crossover73125 dionne warwick1 eyes closed139071 female1803575 friendship1648 frog (hoof)20120 generational ponidox477 green eyes9800 green fur245 happy44536 harmonica196 horn190900 looking at each other34362 looking at someone16027 lyrics1366 mane stripe sunny7561 microphone7503 musical instrument15216 orange fur401 overalls2444 pink fur382 pink hair2758 playing instrument389 purple fur382 simple background596649 singing8464 smiling397692 song reference4203 spread wings94592 sunny and her heroine373 text89678 that's what friends are for1 traditional art143098 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149211 underhoof68995 wings223147


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