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Jeez… How did so much ice cream fit in her!?
Based on the MYM episode, Mane Smelody, where we see Sunny disappear two giant triple-scoop ice creams into herself, each almost the size of her own body, without even trying:
How many more did she have room for?

safe2171304 artist:sadfloorlamp198 sunny starscout21429 oc945888 oc:torsher47 alicorn313456 earth pony444964 gecko207 hybrid31241 lizard563 original species36417 pony1599427 g575163 mane smelody310 my little pony: make your mark10954 my little pony: make your mark chapter 51672 spoiler:g532594 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark7670 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 51661 spoiler:mymc05e05310 :36899 ^^3255 artificial horn676 artificial wings3035 augmented4291 braid9853 braided ponytail731 cartoon physics1095 choker21255 colored24933 commission116973 commissioner:snowy comet57 concave belly5116 countershading770 crystal brighthouse1924 cute265362 dialogue92511 digestion without weight gain188 eating13359 emanata2841 eyelashes26600 eyes closed138698 folded wings19817 food101081 glowing19036 glowing horn29077 gluttony158 hammerspace303 hammerspace belly174 height difference2469 herbivore2836 high res407615 hooves25932 horn188874 ice cream6648 ice cream cone1172 imminent nom47 implied stuffing58 impossible fit696 large wings2926 layering error53 long mane7171 long tail5415 looking at someone15836 magic96449 magic aura8962 magic horn601 magic wings1489 mane stripe sunny7538 maretime bay903 open mouth236848 pale belly3101 passepartout1141 plewds283 ponytail27016 quadrupedal2848 questioning79 race swap21589 raised hoof69661 scrunchie611 shadow6872 shocked10114 shocked expression2171 sketch82455 slender6509 speech bubble39018 spiked choker2962 standing24898 stuffing1661 sunnybetes1828 sunnycorn1872 tail99987 talking10762 teeth21807 telekinesis38974 thick tail38 thin9637 unshorn fetlocks46508 wall of tags6614 wings222101


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