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Kenbucky Roller Derby #1 Cover A - HERE
Kenbucky Roller Derby #1 Variant B - >>3222980
Lace up your skates, everypony, we’re heading to the Kenbucky Roller Derby!
After getting rejected from the local roller derby team, Sunny sets out to form her own team. Thanks to self-appointed team manager Pipp and her ClipTrot sleuthing skills, they find the perfect pony to join them: Tracy Tailspin, retired derby legend! And she lives right in Maretime Bay! Tracy agrees to help on one condition: Sunny must complete a super-challenging skating obstacle course. But with her sights set on the Kenbucky Roller Derby, nothing can stand in her way!

safe2171286 artist:natalie haines45 idw20302 official comic4326 hitch trailblazer13845 izzy moonbow21607 misty brightdawn8551 pipp petals20925 sunny starscout21429 zipp storm16880 earth pony444953 pegasus495171 pony1599411 unicorn536571 g575160 official12382 spoiler:g532593 colored eyebrows1466 colored wings14374 comic cover1045 eyebrows24406 eyes closed138695 female1799268 folded wings19817 group7934 helmet15810 high res407613 horn188867 male549671 mane five4206 mane six (g5)996 mane stripe sunny7538 mare738782 multicolored wings5520 my little pony logo6218 my little pony: kenbucky roller derby42 open mouth236845 open smile30964 rebirth misty3849 royal sisters (g5)2946 sextet419 siblings21716 signature43725 sisters17907 smiling396343 stallion195164 whistle1715 whistle necklace741 wings222096


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