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Can’t sleep so cleaned up the sketch of the point that can’t as well 🙃

safe2171289 artist:erieillustrates168 cloudpuff617 pipp petals20925 sunny starscout21429 zipp storm16880 dog13523 earth pony444956 flying pomeranian481 pegasus495173 pomeranian525 pony1599416 g575160 blanket7499 blush sticker3924 blushing273420 bottle5972 cellphone7998 chest fluff65251 clock2564 couch12460 cuddling10724 cushion879 dialogue92510 drool34575 eyes closed138695 female1799275 group7934 hoof polish2189 indoors8132 lidded eyes47843 looking at each other34205 looking at someone15836 lying down46450 mane stripe sunny7538 mare738784 nail polish11574 on side9528 open mouth236846 open smile30964 phone12427 quartet1383 red eyes11710 royal sisters (g5)2946 siblings21717 signature43725 sisters17908 sleep mask434 sleeping29343 smartphone5340 smiling396344 smug9102 snoring1188 soda2050 soda bottle70 speech bubble39018 tired4455 unamused23988 unshorn fetlocks46508 winged dog536 wings222098 wrong eye color1630 zipp storm is not amused351


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Pixel Perfection - Hot Pockets Spotted

Exodus's lost flock
Pipp, i can understand being drawn with red eyes since they were maroon so deep into development that there’s even a toy where she still has said color, but Zipp’s being red instead of blue?
It doesn’t look bad on her, it’s just that i don’t know if it’s personal taste or a genuine mistake to have given her red eyes.