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August 27, 2023 at 10:08:30 PM UTC
they are relaxing
old gay horses

safe2151766 artist:applesartt68 applejack198616 rainbow dash276999 earth pony436753 pegasus486882 pony1579704 g42004651 the last problem7981 colored eyebrows1138 duo163925 duo female29367 eyebrows23194 eyes closed136799 falling leaves167 female1778213 folded wings18777 freckles42854 grass14976 hatless2504 high res405878 kissing32076 leaves3444 lesbian116352 lying down44402 mare726726 missing accessory10089 older38626 older appledash35 older applejack1060 older rainbow dash1301 on back33424 outdoors20659 ship:appledash7684 shipping250830 signature42496 smiling388851 snuggling7386 sweet apple acres3828 tree48185 wings216235


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Background Pony #F448
Applejack’s smile tells it all, she’s so happy she found the perfect somepony and has been living with her the whole time <3