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safe2198482 edit175001 editor:flutterinreallife2 idw21265 discord37821 fluttershy261279 draconequus20674 pegasus507799 pony1628980 g42054357 spoiler:comic2499 ^^3414 blushing279303 cropped61540 cute269268 daaaaaaaaaaaw7122 discute1240 eyes closed141215 female1830100 happy45302 heart78583 hug38161 male559804 ship:discoshy3753 shipping257616 snaggletooth423 straight181892


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Conversed Corruption
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Well then...
I don’t say this much, but this is the cutest illustration of Discord and Fluttershy I’ve seen so far and the other one that’s like this as well where Fluttershy looks like a Breezie.