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Flare Spark - the ponysona of former DA artist, MLPFAN1993 - and her best girlfriend forever (B.G.F.F.), Sunset Shimmer.
Back when MLPFAN1993 was still on DA, she would post vectors and artwork of her ponysona and Sunset Shimmer. A part of me was jealous of her, while another was worried about interacting with her. I also ship my ponysona with Sunset, and I was wary of any strife that could occur between me and Flare. But then, I remembered that some of my friends ship Sunset (and Twilight) with their ponysonas, and we got along just splendidly. And the same thing happened with me and Flare. We became friends despite making Sunset our waifu.
Since then, I decided to do a shipping pic of them. I already had the perfect expressions and poses. I only had a few complications. I tried to match them up size wise, since their postures are different. The real problem was to make this either a full-on pic or just vectors. I couldn’t really decide on the best backdrop. It took me over a week to come to a conclusion, but I finally stuck with the romantic abstract backdrop I would generally use for my shipping pics.
Flare Spark by MLPFAN1993
vector by me
Sunset Shimmer vector by me
I have a feeling that there might be more SunSpark pics to come. I may not be often, but I guarantee we’ll see some.

safe2175057 artist:andoanimalia1216 sunset shimmer79181 oc947857 oc:flare spark565 pegasus496803 pony1603216 unicorn538295 g42029989 bedroom eyes82171 blushing274270 canon x oc35163 female1803539 female oc1005 lesbian117706 love6738 mare741512 mare oc301 pegasus oc35800 pony oc3151 romantic2527 ship:flareset36 shipping254261 smiling397687 this will end in kisses56 yellow coat976


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You’re welcome. I don’t know when the next one will be. But there will be two pics featuring Flare and Sunset near the end of September. One for your special day, and another on the day before. Flareset, alright then.