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deviantart description:
hellooo my lovelies !! i bring you some ng stuff for the first time in a while !! anyway, i was browsing my photos and found this pic i made of the ships for the shiningdance kids , flurry, skyla, and crystal. sorry pound x flurry shippers, we ship pumpkinheart here 😌 nonetheless, i ship pound cake with skyla since- well- i’ve been shipping them for a super long time and tbh i dont really remember why.
from top to bottom, left to right ;
princess skyla, cupid cream cake, pound cake
princess crystal heart, ambrosia delight, cream puff
princess flurry heart, peach puree, and pumpkin cake
the ships !! ;
skyla x pound cake = cupid cream cake ( fem, she/her )
crystal heart x cream puff = ambrosia delight ( fem, she/her )
flurry heart x pumpkin cake = peach puree ( male, he/him )
went ahead and added their genders bc its hard to tell peach is a boy bc hes a baby,,,
but !!! while i didnt have to ship them all i did bc to be honest i cant help myself when it comes to fankids 😭
all bases made by me EXCEPT the ones used for skyla, crystal, and flurry. those bases were made by the lovely SelenaEde !!
base ; shebasoda , SelenaEde
ocs ; crystal heart, cupid cream cake, ambrosia delight, peach puree ( cream puff is canon btw just in case you were wondering )
art ; shebasoda

safe2155119 artist:shebasoda60 cream puff204 pound cake3011 princess flurry heart9453 princess skyla457 pumpkin cake2721 oc936734 oc:ambrosia delight2 oc:cupid cream cake2 oc:peach puree2 oc:princess crystal heart7 alicorn310260 earth pony438199 pegasus488268 pony1583112 unicorn529163 g42007513 alicorn oc36164 apron5727 baby16396 baby pony9264 blue eyes12174 bow43974 brown eyes1240 closed mouth1306 clothes625901 coat markings12850 colored hooves11621 colored pupils13123 colored wings13708 colt20338 concave belly3627 creambetes79 crown29441 cute263317 cyan eyes456 diaper16749 eyeshadow29288 female1781958 filly96272 flurrybetes1172 flying54269 foal42940 folded wings18935 gradient mane2511 gradient tail1062 gradient wings1745 grin62047 hair bow25153 hair bun5249 headcanon2949 height difference2158 hoof shoes9387 horn179495 jewelry110812 lesbian116532 looking at each other33561 looking at someone15023 looking at you254705 looking back85016 magical lesbian spawn15448 makeup39392 male543368 next generation6457 offspring49855 older39563 older cream puff57 older flurry heart2791 older pound cake487 older pumpkin cake421 older skyla68 parent:cream puff8 parent:oc:princess crystal heart2 parent:pound cake120 parent:princess cadance2166 parent:princess flurry heart308 parent:princess skyla8 parent:pumpkin cake53 parent:shining armor1895 parents:canon x oc2291 parents:poundskyla3 parents:pumpkinheart2 parents:shiningcadance1233 pc:ambrosia delight1 peytral7184 physique difference519 ponytail26524 poundabetes142 poundskyla2 princess3363 pumpkinbetes131 pumpkinheart1 purple eyes5729 regalia35756 royalty1848 siblings21231 simple background585900 sisters17597 sitting90799 skylabetes10 slender5236 smiling390193 socks (coat markings)7746 spread wings92051 standing24100 straight176738 tail96074 teal eyes542 thin8117 tiara6797 transparent background281237 turned head1854 wings217224


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