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deviantart description:
anddd here they all are !! heartache and her evil daughters 🩷
had a lot of fun making them all ,,,, now i gotta do mv of nightmare twi + hcs for daybreaker and nightmare moon :,] then ill have them all completed !!
art ; shebasoda
characters ; princess cadance, flurry heart, princess skyla
ocs ; princess crystal heart
bases ; shebasoda

safe2155115 artist:shebasoda60 princess cadance39547 princess flurry heart9453 princess skyla457 oc936732 oc:princess crystal heart7 alicorn310257 pony1583106 g42007509 blue sclera127 body markings1076 coat markings12850 colored eartips345 colored eyelashes1320 colored pupils13123 colored sclera1006 colored wings13708 crown29441 cyan eyes456 ethereal mane13163 ethereal tail2020 evil3839 eyeshadow29288 facial markings5755 female1781952 flying54269 frown35603 gradient eyes161 gradient legs385 gradient mane2510 gradient tail1062 gradient wings1745 group7680 hair bun5249 helmet15636 hoof shoes9387 jewelry110812 lidded eyes46838 looking at you254703 looking down14374 makeup39392 mare728756 mother and child5874 mother and daughter8237 next generation6457 nightmare cadance123 nightmarified879 offspring49855 older39563 older flurry heart2791 older princess skyla3 pale belly2973 parent:princess cadance2166 parent:shining armor1895 parents:shiningcadance1233 peytral7184 pink eyes1883 quartet1288 regalia35756 siblings21231 simple background585897 sisters17597 slit pupils7433 smiling390188 smiling at you23814 socks (coat markings)7746 sparkly mane1137 sparkly tail598 sparkly wings403 spread wings92049 tail96071 transparent background281237 wings217222 yellow sclera276


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Background Pony #8F87
Heartache, what a perfect name for Nightmarified Cadance! Her daughters also looks very cool in their Nightmare forms!