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16 March 2013
Artist’s DA comment:
Twilestia is bestia~
Don’t know why I drew them, though. First time trying to get ponies to smooch, too; Not sure about results.
Hmm, but yes. Twi’s an alicorn now, so I don’t have to crane my head around like an owl while trying to see my way out of a Bad End for them. It’s a nice change~

safe2118974 artist:foldawaywings106 princess celestia110422 twilight sparkle349907 alicorn302898 pony1480058 g41930951 black and white16802 duo156719 eyes closed133774 female1740546 grayscale47607 hug36360 ink drawing949 kissing31350 lesbian114761 lineart24141 mare703812 monochrome171689 realistic horse legs872 ship:twilestia2767 shipping245986 simple background569562 sitting88413 tapestry124 traditional art139771 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146079 white background151983 winghug3776 wings208464


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