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26 April 2013
Artist’s DA comment:
Praises be to the Queen of Twilestia, whose adorable pictures of the above ponies are an oasis in a world sadly lacking in the most Loving and Faithful department…
So, here’s my drop in the bucket contribution.
A bit sloppy, I didn’t notice Celestia’s horn until after scanning it, but it feels good to try!
When it comes to ships and shipping, I have an armada of conflicting dreadnaughts at the ready. Twilestia though, platonic or otherwise, manages to be an eternal favorite of mine~

safe2116058 artist:foldawaywings106 princess celestia110341 twilight sparkle349620 alicorn302366 pony1477205 g41642696 black and white16770 cuddling10371 duo156007 ethereal mane12720 eyes closed133504 female1737831 grayscale47554 hug36322 ink drawing946 lesbian114693 lineart24134 lying down41695 mare701975 monochrome171593 nuzzling4936 open mouth224801 prone33663 realistic horse legs871 ship:twilestia2767 shipping245733 simple background568404 smiling376102 snuggling7301 spread wings88224 traditional art139649 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145934 white background151560 winghug3773


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