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Uploaded on Monday, August 14, 2023
Finally did a fully safe art piece again πŸ˜‡ Color of the super cute Sparkle of >>3182121 by fellow Derpibooruian Twiliset! πŸ₯°
Quick little hour-long vector special ⌚
Another 200-upvote claim, this one a shared one. (8/15/23) πŸ˜ŒπŸ’—
Surpassed 300 upvotes on 8/17/23 πŸ₯°

safe2118747 artist:php178693 artist:twiliset135 color edit8807 twilight sparkle349908 alicorn302871 pony1479829 g41930928 .svg available10556 30 minute art challenge finished after42 art challenge54 blush lines448 blushing261760 chest fluff61828 colored24140 colored eyebrows1000 colored lineart284 colored sketch4221 cute257295 cute face276 cute smile169 daaaaaaaaaaaw6645 ear fluff47512 eyes closed133746 floating heart5697 fluffy18533 folded wings17702 frog (hoof)19324 full body7294 glowing17390 gradient background22481 happy42822 heart71917 highlights1103 hnnng2720 hoof fluff2984 hoofbutt1701 horn139892 inkscape2464 lens flare2100 lidded eyes45214 line99 mane3263 monochrome171683 multicolored mane3992 multicolored tail2747 nc-tv signature96 partially open wings1708 pink background5846 purple background5495 shadow6656 shine327 signature41501 simple shading499 sitting88402 sketch79631 smiling377162 solo1382366 striped mane691 striped tail344 svg5138 tail89292 thick eyebrows823 twiabetes14957 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146076 underhoof66637 vector88167 website356 wings208432


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