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safe2117923 artist:tjpones3876 apple bloom58884 rarity212902 scootaloo57824 sweetie belle55714 earth pony423200 pegasus471424 pony1479094 unicorn512548 g41926675 apple bloom's bow3155 bow42586 butt219166 camera5036 clothes611654 computer7953 cutie mark crusaders21978 dialogue88950 female1739529 hair bow24279 high res103229 hoof hold12304 laptop computer3183 mare703137 naivete of youth46 oblivious700 offscreen character49548 onomatopoeia7768 oversized clothes505 plot136061 rearity6958 sexually oblivious189 simple background569286 sleeping28596 sound effects3747 this will end in grounding83 this will end in tears4223 white background151868 zzz3235


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Background Pony #F225
Rarity usually has ponies pay to see her butt. She won’t be happy that the CMC provide pictures of her precious asset for free.