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Uploaded on Friday night, August 4, 2023
Bust commission for Mr. Myoozik featuring his dragonsona in my YCH pose from >>3175857. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Ž
Nice getting to test that style on a dragon this soon after the first draw too. Came out wonderful. 😌

safe2151399 artist:php178693 oc934588 oc only678686 oc:myoozik the dragon172 dragon84037 .svg available10662 amber eyes263 bracelet15249 bust76490 claws7135 closed mouth1302 clothes624194 colored eyebrows1138 commission114544 cute262688 cute little fangs3316 devil horn (gesture)817 dragon oc1802 dragon wings1194 eyebrows23173 fangs39103 glasses87120 gradient background23708 hand12471 hat122446 highlights1119 jewelry110405 link1510 looking at you253750 male541888 nc-tv signature96 necklace31726 non-pony oc2197 orange eyes1157 portrait41082 profile picture462 refined style1 scales2339 shading4005 shirt39396 slit pupils7399 smiling388711 smiling at you23563 spread wings91582 style152 svg5212 t-shirt6921 the legend of zelda4042 top hat5576 transparent wings1132 vector89217 website360 wing claws416 wings216149 ych result36437


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