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safe2119697 artist:zendora68 pipp petals18943 pegasus472490 pony1548599 g566691 alternate hairstyle36421 bust75049 choker20171 dialogue89022 emo1437 eyes closed133844 female1745964 goth3554 goth pipp9 gothic652 implied queen haven42 it's not a phase101 mare707845 meme92227 open mouth225859 punk3012 simple background569860 white background152087


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Artist -

Lily Fathom
I grew my hair out and painted my nails for actual rock guitar. I sucked at tabs though.
Today closest I get to painting my nails is spray paint on instrument cabinets and things. I don’t ware my hair longer then half an inch if that. I still wear my tripp pants from high school. I was a fat kid when I graduated 09.
I supose some things are phases like finger nails and hair dews. Then others are not.
Background Pony #0B2F
thats what we all said once, and yet in the present day, it was just a phase
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I’m sorry to inform you Miss, but this is indeed a phase. Even better, you are in phase now. Unfortunately with time your phase can drift and you’d become out of phase
(Sorry for this, my inner nerd just couldn’t resist)