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4th and final part of this mini-comic

Each panel except panel 7 rendered at 4K @ 256 DoF samples
Panel 7 rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
14 lights used in this scene
Models used:
[*] - The jacket, jeans, and collar aren’t made for the ReVAmped body, therefore to make them work with that body, more manual adjustments have to be made in positioning.

suggestive190473 artist:imafutureguitarhero510 sci-twi31305 sunset shimmer79025 twilight sparkle357272 alicorn313534 classical unicorn5549 unicorn536729 anthro359005 unguligrade anthro65195 comic:role reversal6 series:twilight's sexual deviancy44 g42026448 3d122391 7 panel comic1 absurd file size3376 absurd resolution67427 alicornified7498 arm fluff295 arm freckles149 armpit fluff4 armpits46913 arms tied87 bdsm10832 bear hug161 belt9349 bitchsuit216 blushing273469 bondage46439 book43485 boots33310 cheek fluff9468 chest fluff65284 chest freckles1678 chromatic aberration2078 clothes633215 cloven hooves16550 collar47813 colored eyebrows1468 colored eyelashes1437 colored wings14387 comic135223 crossed legs4819 cute265401 daaaaaaaaaaaw7001 denim2543 descriptive noise1610 dialogue92539 domset113 duo169152 duo female30720 ear fluff50470 ear freckles543 evening gloves10866 excited4227 eyebrows24424 eyes closed138720 female1799663 femdom10361 femsub14180 film grain505 fingerless elbow gloves1232 fingerless gloves6682 floppy ears72834 fluffy19537 fluffy hair253 fluffy mane608 fluffy tail543 freckles43738 fur1100 gentle femdom53 glasses88511 glasses off567 gloves30032 grin62870 hand on knee192 hand on leg557 happy44437 happy bondage911 hoof boots433 hoof fluff3253 horn189048 horse noises638 hug37543 jacket19869 jeans6520 kneeling13254 laughing11041 leash10575 leather3231 leather boots473 leather gloves117 leather jacket5298 legs tied68 leonine tail14071 long gloves9417 long hair8359 long mane7172 looking at each other34218 looking at someone15850 lying down46480 multicolored hair11776 multicolored mane4712 multicolored tail3261 neck fluff1492 nose wrinkle3896 offscreen character52150 on back34164 on floor441 one ear down1460 open mouth236923 paintover176 pants22322 peppered bacon365 pet play5182 pettwi408 race swap21594 revamped anthros1685 revamped ponies820 role reversal1800 rope15899 rope bondage7071 ropes688 sci-twilicorn551 shibari1828 shimmerbetes5247 shirt40297 shoes59239 shorts19556 shoulder fluff3086 shoulder freckles1553 signature43796 sitting on floor116 smiling396487 socks95271 source filmmaker67724 stage.bsp255 stockings48369 striped gloves202 striped socks28242 striped stockings220 subdorable103 submissive23179 subtitles2571 tail100039 tail fluff463 talking10766 tank top10869 text89385 thigh highs59317 tongue out146875 twiabetes15278 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148965 twisub1146 two toned wings6159 unshorn fetlocks46529 wall of tags6616 wavy mouth5527 wholesome1434 wing fluff2378 wing freckles125 wings222183


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Gaining Confidence
So devious from Sunset xD
tying up Twilight like that to enact her ultimate plan…
The I N E S C A P A B L E B E A R H U G
Background Pony #B77A
Hugs? Hugs?!
Now look who’s the one engaging in sexual deviancy, Sunset…
Background Pony #7E12
This was really great! I hope we get to see “Dom” Sunset more, I like this change -