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Yeah, I just wondered how Fluttershy (along with Spike) would sing that song and here is the result.
Pony parody of Sweet Victory from Band Geeks.
This is my edit of a Batsy’s PARODY. The visuals mirror those of the original short, but redrawn by hand (including backgrounds) and the characters replaced with ponies. I do not own the rights to SpongeBob nor MLP.
Used Batsy’s “Sweet Victory” video:

safe2172684 ai assisted1614 ai content18723 artist:thebatfang548 edit172889 editor:markiz934 sound edit524 applejack200307 fluttershy258399 nurse redheart4383 pinkie pie255588 rainbow dash279688 rarity217404 spike92345 trixie79521 twilight sparkle357452 oc946727 dragon85326 earth pony445584 human245075 pegasus495798 pony1600843 unicorn537222 g42027197 absurd file size3384 animated125870 background pony12286 band geeks42 butt230983 crossover73067 cute265539 drums1429 electric guitar1753 female1800958 guitar6609 irl83510 irl human29340 keyboard1634 keytar466 magic96536 male550186 mane seven7869 mane six37576 mare739951 microphone7489 musical instrument15193 photo96567 plot143976 rvc43 shako150 sound16970 spongebob squarepants3772 sweet victory6 telekinesis39013 trumpet415 twiabetes15282 unicorn twilight33119 webm25780 youtube link12760


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Background Pony #924D
Grand one. This fits these feminist icons. And they look smart in those suits.