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Another screenshot redraw and my biggest project yet! The screenshot is from Magical Mystery Cure (Season 3 episode 13) last group hug before Twi got her wings. It took almost 19 hours of work to complete this and I am proud of it. Also, it’s the first time when I drew mane six together. It was fun but took me more than a month to complete it.
Program: Krita
Graphic Tablet: Citinq 13HD
Time: 18 and half hour

safe2117691 artist:mesuyoru38 applejack196158 fluttershy252019 pinkie pie249994 rainbow dash272838 rarity212896 twilight sparkle349805 classical unicorn5301 earth pony423047 pegasus471334 pony1478858 unicorn512461 g41926651 magical mystery cure2851 big crown thingy3087 cloven hooves15577 colored wings12920 colored wingtips2440 element of generosity1348 element of honesty1327 element of kindness1493 element of laughter1353 element of loyalty1550 element of magic3403 elements of harmony2832 eyes closed133619 eyeshadow27670 female1739330 grin59979 group hug1191 horn139697 hug36346 jewelry106857 leonine tail13195 makeup37440 mane six36819 mare702960 multicolored wings5046 nuzzling4936 ponyville7529 rainbow wings919 regalia34719 scene interpretation10646 smiling376694 spread wings88425 unicorn twilight31382 unshorn fetlocks43174 wings208059


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Background Pony #86B4
My bad 7 years ago was the season finale I was referring to, and I wrote FiM instead… still my point doesn’t change here…
Background Pony #86B4
You know, the Mane 6 have always been some of the characters I’ve been attached to the most. And despite FiM ended 7 years ago, they still are. I have a lot of fond memories about them throught the whole series…
…. but we all know what happened to their general reputation in the fandom after a certain season finale and its bug B***H villain….