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For how small the g5 fandom right now, it seems everyone likes to ship Hitch and Pipp. While I don’t hate it, Hitch and Zipp just have alot more chemistry to me personally!

Picture context -
“Wha- huh?!” Zipp stammered, wings unfurling straight into the air in shock. Hitch couldn’t help but find the reaction cute. For as confident and sure of herself the mare usually was, romance seemed to be Zipp’s one weak spot. That and makeup.
“I said, do you want to go on a date?” He asked again, trying to hold his growing smile back. The white pegasus remained silent for a few moments, looking completely lost and out her element. A soft pink blush spread across her face as she timidly looked away and nodded.
“Yeah…-ahem- yeah, of course!” She said, trying to gain a bit of her old confidence back. Hitch mentally breathed a sigh a relief. This was going way better than he expected. He honestly figured she’d laugh and brush him off.
All that freaking out? Totally worth it!
“Awesome! How about the movie theatre, 7:00 o’clock yeah?” He said, giving her one of his charming smiles. She giggled, making him feel lighter than air.
“Cya there Sheriff.” She smiled back.

safe2173489 artist:suautib8 hitch trailblazer13868 zipp storm16904 earth pony445954 pegasus496145 pony1601689 g575323 blushing273901 crying55446 embarrassed15301 female1801811 holding hooves2484 looking at each other34302 looking at someone15944 male550431 mare740562 ship:stormblazer421 shipping254035 simple background595771 smiling397113 spread wings94392 stallion195565 story included12791 straight178970 thought bubble5266 white background161544 wingboner9649 wings222750


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