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Something for Dashie’s special day.
In an ideal world I would’ve gotten the Mane 6 in on this as well, but I’m not crazy enough yet to try to do a group pic with ten characters. lol So I settled with the four characters closest to her specifically. Hope ya’ll like and happy Dash Day!

safe2155083 artist:astrum216 bow hothoof1377 rainbow dash277398 scootaloo58443 soarin'17402 windy whistles2844 pegasus488255 pony1583070 g42007485 abstract background23544 balloon12935 birthday3613 birthday party135 bowabetes63 cheek kiss3098 chest fluff63970 clothes625880 confetti2610 cuddling10638 cute263311 cutealoo3874 dashabetes12118 digital art29045 eyes closed137135 family5673 family photo448 father and child2623 father and daughter3945 father and mother60 female1781915 flying54269 grin62044 group hug1212 group photo1049 group shot617 happy43905 high res406220 hug37196 kissing32146 male543351 mare728738 mother and child5874 mother and daughter8237 noogie311 open mouth233265 open smile29491 party2430 rainbow dash day161 scootalove2041 ship:soarindash7181 shipping251333 siblings21229 sisters17597 sitting90798 smiling390176 soarinbetes309 spread wings92047 stallion191841 straight176732 unshorn fetlocks45210 wholesome1361 windybetes285 wings217219


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Background Pony #3736
Scootaloo’s story should have just ended with her being adopted by Bow and Windy. Then she and Dash actually would be sisters.
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