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Izzy x Zipp is a ship I can get behind, funny hijink couple

safe2171218 artist:aztrial368 izzy moonbow21606 zipp storm16880 pegasus495151 pony1599342 unicorn536518 g575158 my little pony: tell your tale25420 secret ad-mare-er354 spoiler:g532589 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale23039 spoiler:tyts01e44352 arrow2962 bow44507 cupid288 dialogue92499 duo169070 female1799142 floating heart6229 gradient background24939 heart76111 holiday35202 implied izzyzipp6 implied lesbian4733 implied shipping7122 izzyzipp33 lesbian117486 mare738671 one eye closed45606 onomatopoeia8237 open mouth236822 pinpoint eyes1536 shipping253769 simple background594307 sound effects3963 speech bubble39010 unshorn fetlocks46502 valentine's day5263 wink32850


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Me & My Delusions
I and a few others have tried getting the G5 shipping names to be updated (There’s even a canonical shipping name for Izzy and Zipp in S01E36 of TYT) but these better suggestions are being ignored.
Seems like we have to deal with these bland and lame G5 shipping names for the foreseeable future. :/
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Soft Lover
I honestly don’t like a lot the ship name; izzyzipp is a bit strange for me, i thought it would be called Izzip; a more quick and faster shipping name
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Background Pony #B62C
Zipp: “That was actially a nice shot!”
Izzy: “Nice shot? I missed!”
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