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Coco is just SO GOOD AT CHESS!

safe2152657 artist:t72b1489 coco pommel7232 cozy glow9471 earth pony437144 pegasus487230 pony1580548 g42005089 blushing268550 book42929 bow43892 chess503 chessboard140 duo164059 duo female29428 female1779038 filly96084 flower38629 flower in hair12286 foal42742 frown35457 frustrated836 hair bow25115 high res405947 hoof on chin969 hoof on head720 implied anal insertion373 implied cheating3 implied insertion602 lip bite15206 mare727128 necktie11010 scrunchy face8196 sitting90640 sweat39737 sweatdrop6660 table12824


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Go fsck yourself
This has had me giggling for days now. Good work, giving us the most-subtle perversion I’ve seen on this site, t72b.
For those who are interested, there is a healthy open-source community around controllable sex toys at, as well as a related open-source package explicitly developed for sending Morse code to a wireless-controlled vibrating buttplug called ButtFish.
And yes, this should absolutely have the coco is an anal slut tag, hooves down.
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Background Pony #6760
Coco’s rump is so large, even when sitting here. I love it. Cute drawing.
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Background Pony #6F5E
OMG it took me like a few days to get this. i thought this was just a wholesome image lol, i showed so many people it
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It's bad. In a good way!
I saw this, upvoted, moved on. I liked that they both had similarly pleasant color schemes.
Then came across it again now and only JUST realised what was going on. Even when you know, this is still dang subtle. And I love that! There’s just enough expression in Coco’s face to make you think a little harder about what’s going on. Very well memed.
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Background Pony #74BF
Twilight and Starlight walk by, glance at the board
Both: Mate in three
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Background Pony #AC8C
Coco looks like she’s thinkin’ bout putting the bishop in her butt
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