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i helped my friend myoozik pass his draw to vector.

safe2155124 artist:mr.myoozik89 artist:wheatley r.h.350 derpibooru exclusive39935 oc936738 oc only680129 oc:myoozik the dragon173 oc:sunray shadow30 dragon84307 earth pony438199 pony1583116 2023 community collab774 derpibooru community collaboration6178 anklet1515 bass guitar754 beanie4837 black shirt122 bracelet15313 brown mane1887 clothes625903 dragon oc1806 duo164665 earth pony oc25331 eyes closed137137 folded wings18935 glasses87318 green shirt56 grey skin77 grin62047 guitar6542 hat122734 jewelry110812 lead guitar4 male543369 musical instrument15047 necklace31821 non-pony oc2215 playing1948 shorts19313 simple background585903 smiling390194 socks94026 stallion191843 standing24100 striped socks27961 tail96074 toe ring1047 top hat5589 transparent background281238 vector89329 wings217227


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