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I need to draw more stallions xD

safe2153696 artist:chub-wub732 alphabittle blossomforth1472 big macintosh33281 braeburn6924 bulk biceps3838 cheese sandwich4700 doctor whooves11739 double diamond1896 flash magnus992 hitch trailblazer13558 king sombra17032 party favor1711 quibble pants1704 rockhoof1346 roid rage338 sandbar6795 shining armor27681 snails5759 snips4585 soarin'17381 sprout cloverleaf2434 star swirl the bearded2315 stygian990 sunburst8727 time turner11739 trouble shoes1345 zephyr breeze2958 earth pony437642 pegasus487734 pony1581616 unicorn528417 g42006728 g572927 beard5554 braid9607 bust76585 clothes625401 colt20325 cowboy hat25190 facial hair9909 foal42832 food99921 glasses87267 grin61946 hat122649 lots of characters52 male542829 necktie11026 shirt39511 simple background585310 smiling389593 stallion191656 white background157509 wizard hat1244


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A waste of biomatter
I love something like this because I could just imagine popping this down on a table and have kids try to guess or ascertain their personalities from their designs.
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