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It's a bit messed up, I know.

Original imgage:
safe1691438 artist:sweet-melody-as3 oc675359 oc only443356 oc:snowdrop1222 pegasus286026 pony953137 blind937 blind joke71 caption21333 cereal565 cinnamon toast crunch9 froot loops16 meme81537 smiling244019 snow13717 snowfall4450 snowflake731 solo1053998 we are going to hell677


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Background Pony #453D
I don't get the "We are going to hell" Tag. What, Do some people think it's terrible to look at this? I don't, I made mistakes too and it's OK to forgive!
Background Pony #C6E2
"They changed Cinnamon Toast Crunch's box design? Face it, breakfast is ruined."
Background Pony #FD63
anon: actually that's a box of froot loops
snowdrop: really, how come nopony told me?
anon: we just thought it was funny
snowdrop: that's not funny
Background Pony #BB7E

I don't know what's worse, me laughing at the image, or snickering at the fact she would probably do that since a blind individual's other senses are stronger than a normal individual's.