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I also opened new slots in Ych, you can take a look if you are interested:

safe2171864 artist:adagiostring229 sunny starscout21438 twilight sparkle357315 alicorn313579 pony1599968 g42026621 g575211 alicornified7499 artificial horn676 artificial wings3035 augmented4294 chest fluff65309 cloud43133 couple7842 crossover73059 cute265422 duo169196 duo female30744 female1799928 grin62887 high res407671 horn189225 looking at each other34229 looking at someone15862 magic96477 magic horn601 magic wings1489 mare739270 meeting256 open mouth237008 race swap21598 smiling396593 stars23346 sunny and her heroine368 sunnycorn1872 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148978 wings222289 ych example5674 your character here18189


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Sunny Starscout fan
This looks so incredible! Sunny looks so adorable with her smile, and her wings and horn look amazing as well. I wonder what Twilight must think of seeing an Alicorn with non-permanent wings and horn…
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