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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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Twilight has just moved to Ponyville, so she isn’t familiar with Pinkie’s featherbrained heist. But she still isn’t falling for it.

safe2152612 artist:rocket-lawnchair324 pinkie pie253451 spike91722 twilight sparkle354459 dragon84109 earth pony437121 pegasus487207 pony1580499 unicorn527953 g42005071 luna eclipsed1863 animal costume3003 bag9364 balloonbutt6414 butt226464 candy9790 candy bag80 chicken pie359 chicken suit536 clothes624828 costume38773 dragon costume314 fake beard394 female1778988 food99851 frown35455 golden oaks library6558 halloween13122 high res405945 holiday34781 lidded eyes46693 male542336 mare727098 nightmare night6122 nightmare night costume2370 operation soda steal2 plot140813 star swirl the bearded costume463 sunglasses20785 trick or treat633 trio25288 turned head1844 twilight sparkle is not amused1990 unamused23723


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