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dead source46159 safe2171632 artist:probablyfakeblonde466 princess celestia112570 princess luna117060 twilight sparkle357270 alicorn313532 pony1599755 unicorn536724 g42026446 book43485 bookshelf5630 candle6984 drapes112 eyes closed138719 feather8618 female1799648 filly97201 fire15838 folded wings19829 horn189043 indoors8134 inkwell640 jewelry112685 looking down14652 lying down46477 mare739081 momlestia1123 night37750 on side9529 peytral7437 photo96549 pink-mane celestia3123 regalia36333 scroll4315 sleeping29349 smiling396471 table13047 tail100037 tiara6970 trio26019 trio female5550 wings222180 younger22799


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

At that very night. The night before one of the biggest magical exams for ponies her age, a huge milestone and release to study the next level of magic. Celestia ponders what is in store for her continually growing student. What will this little wonder in between her hooves accomplish next? How long will she be able to revel in the glow of her constant feelings of pride she always carries for her student? Will she always feel this way as her pri- most beloved student gets older? How long much longer before this one stops looking to her for guidance? The sad truth is already known to her. But what hurts her more? The fact that she knows she will not be able to see that spark of wonder in this little mares eyes. That spark that is ignited every time the she is shown something new. Or is it the pain of watching somepony you care for so much, have to depend on you less and less…
Randell Wolff
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I like this picture (and the picture within the picture). Celestia’s expression is interesting. Rather inscrutable. What is going through her mind?