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Better do as she says.
safe1920750 artist:pabbley2548 apple bloom55254 earth pony339188 pony1268145 adorabloom3398 apple bloom's bow2301 baseball cap2508 blank flank8592 bow35879 cap5604 clothes540609 cute228560 dialogue77082 exclamation point4704 eye clipping through hair10219 eyebrows13770 eyebrows visible through hair7193 fbi75 female1555816 filly80992 foal25551 gradient background16303 hair bow20061 hat104159 high res81134 implied anon822 jacket15492 necktie8704 open mouth187823 open smile13191 passepartout98 raised hoof57382 smiling315811 solo1226652 speech bubble29610 talking8018 this will end in jail time441


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You can’t see my browser history! It’s full of adult stuff like mortgage, tax avoidance, and back pain.
Background Pony #9AE3
Your filly mind cannot fathom the depths to which my browser history sinks, Applebloom. Save yourself the therapist bills and trot away. Trot away, now.