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safe2153341 artist:darksly670 sunny starscout20799 twilight sparkle354551 alicorn309866 earth pony437482 pony1581256 g572891 the last problem8003 atg 2022818 bowing537 coat markings12808 concave belly3413 crown29397 cute263079 duo164172 ethereal mane13149 ethereal tail2016 eyes closed136920 female1780071 height difference2133 hoof shoes9360 jewelry110629 long mane6547 long tail4858 mare727586 markings3255 newbie artist training grounds8329 older38688 older twilight3308 peytral7162 physique difference495 princess shoes1014 princess twilight 2.03747 regalia35701 signature42594 slender5036 socks (coat markings)7718 standing24039 sunny and her heroine341 sunnybetes1758 tail95615 tall1215 thin7869 twiabetes15177 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147963 unshorn fetlocks45104


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