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NATG Day 7 - “Draw a pony meeting a long-lost friend / Draw ponies who are inseparable from each other .”
Young Scaley Passion
Wanted to go for this Newbie Artist Training Grounds stuffs. Oh, these two…! =3
safe1920880 artist:rupertbluefox267 derpibooru exclusive32905 smolder9974 spike85865 dragon68580 series:natg rupert 2230 atg 2022757 belly34129 blushing231208 cute228596 dichromatic90 dragoness11598 female1555956 heart58368 limited palette1991 lying down29784 lying on top of someone499 male442308 newbie artist training grounds7346 nose to nose250 pillow21693 prone29919 shipping224842 shipping fuel1789 sketch71013 smiling315842 smolderbetes1413 spikabetes2381 spolder482 straight155227 winged spike9193 wings163334


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