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Requested by: Lawrence Gordon
This was fun to work on! I don’t draw Spike often but I love to draw him a little blocky. Nightmare Moons mane was very fun!
safe1917580 artist:ponykittenboi114 derpibooru exclusive32832 nightmare moon18347 spike85787 alicorn264118 dragon68259 pony1265210 angry31541 angry eyes111 dragon wings921 duo100393 duo male and female955 ethereal mane10212 evil grin5283 female1553255 frown27362 glowing mane603 grin49965 gritted teeth15659 high res80975 hoof shoes7107 jewelry85859 licking23408 looking at each other26150 looking at someone5548 male441220 mare587312 menacing478 mini comic32 one eye closed38398 regalia27652 requested art1666 shipping224605 signature33306 sitting75336 smiling314972 spikemoon22 straight155040 teeth13721 tongue out123693 wings162763


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Garden Tinker
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And it works, too. Just a tad bit of angle here and there and he loses his chubby shape for something a little more action-y. Like the definition on his upper leg muscle and how his limb joints have been partially straightened out, and where his ball-shaped belly has been divided out into separate arcs of a chest and pelvic region.
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Garden Tinker
Wallet After Summer Sale -
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That is an excellent rendition for a slightly-older spike.  o.O
Nice job on the nostrils for them both, too, by the way! …If that’s not a totally weird thing to say! I just happened to notice how nice (well-done) Spike’s curly one looks in the close-up.
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