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safe2155303 alternate version84818 artist:pwnagespartan97 pipp petals20489 pegasus488365 anthro354899 unguligrade anthro64467 g573355 adorapipp3144 adorasexy12596 breasts385445 clothes626001 cute263271 dress61036 eyes closed137162 female1782075 flying54280 headband5498 high res406262 hooves25651 legs11720 lips2067 microphone7409 nail polish11435 open mouth233323 open smile29512 pants21991 partially open wings1962 sexy45306 singing8366 smiling390279 solo1410427 speaker1517 stage4238 strapless2803 wings217310


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Love the fact that this alternate drawing has already surpassed the original in number of upvotes. Let’s keep it rolling!