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Little green pegasus is scary
safe1945633 artist:luminousdazzle309 sprout cloverleaf1873 oc822960 oc:luminous dazzle27 earth pony350499 pegasus394873 pony1295389 g536472 chest fluff51919 coat markings8686 duo107037 duo male and female1323 ear fluff40497 eye contact7275 feathered fetlocks818 female1578986 full body5931 gradient background16775 gritted teeth16173 heart59727 hoof heart1025 hooves22292 lineart23242 looking at each other26904 looking at someone6482 male450446 mare603766 open mouth193042 open smile14916 pegasus oc24004 raised hoof58610 scared12485 shadow5875 shrunken pupils5072 signature34184 sitting77051 smiling323430 socks (coat markings)5085 spread wings73147 stallion145513 standing17515 tail62002 teeth14581 two toned mane3881 two toned tail1765 underhoof60886 upside-down hoof heart222 wings168992


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